Flexible systems

Molded foam systems are ideal materials for automotive and office industries with their superior flexibility features provided by open cell structure.

• Long Term Use Crush/compression strength is very high. Foams does not deform easily.

• High Flexibility and Comfort It provides high flowability and comfort due to its open cell structure.

• Improved Flowability
• The good flowability during the application makes it easy to use with any shape of mold. It is suitable for use with supporting materials like plastic, metal and wood.

Viscoelastic materials are the shape memory materials that invented by NASA in the mid-1960s to reduce the pressure felt by astronauts. It starts to take shape slowly with the applied force and returns to its original shape at different rates with the elimination of the force.

We provide viscoelastic PU systems for producing different products such as bedding, pillow, neck pillow, medical neck collar, cushion, and toy.

• Slow Recovery of Shape
Due to its slow recovery feature, viscoelastic materials show shape memory property. Return speeds can be revised according to the requests of our customers

• Low Resilience, Shock Absorption
Unlike molded foam systems, viscoelastic systems show low resilience. In this way, it has shock absorption feature.

• High Comfort
Viscoelastic systems support the health of the spine and relieve pain by correcting the angle of the head and neck when used in applications such as pillows. In addition, chemical viscoelastic systems soften by body and ambient temperature. So, it takes shape easier and grip the body better.

Integral systems are polyurethane materials with a wide range of applications in the automotive, of ce and medical sectors; have thick-skin, small and regular cells and different hardness’s. Due to the advantages, it provides, they are frequently used in many different products such as office chair armrests, steering wheels, auto parts, stretcher edges, bicycle saddles and mats.
• Lightweight
Due to their light weight, they reduce weight and save fuel.
• Impact and Sound Insulation
Thanks to its open, orderly and small cell structure, integral products have vibration prevention, sound insulation and shock absorption properties.
• High Mechanical Strength and Dimensional Stability
Due to having thick skin and microcellular internal structure, integral systems have improved impact resistance and mechanical properties. The high mechanical strength also allows the foam to exhibit improved dimensional stability.
• Superior Comfort
Integral systems with improved ow properties ensure uniform density distribution in the material, while providing ultimate comfort in the nal product.
• Short Demolding Times and Different Shore Values
It has short demolding times thanks to its fast curing. According to the demands of the customers, we produce products with different hardness and properties that can be applied in various industries.

Polyurethane filter systems are mainly used in the production of air and oil filters in the automotive sector. We meet the requirements of our customers via our systems for radial and panel filters with different reaction pro le and free rise densities.
• High Tensile Strength
• Different Hardness and Free Rise Densities