Mardas Polyurethane provides polyurethane systems for various density and harnesses for slipper and shoe soles production. These systems developed according to fields of use and customer demands, can be applied with injection and casting machines. Thanks to many significant advantages of polyurethane systems comparing to alternative sole materials (rubber, EVA, PVC) polyurethane has become quite preferrable material for slipper and shoe production in the recent years.

Main characteristics:
• Easy processability
• Lightness
• Smooth surface
• Excellent comfort
• Quick cycle times
• Excellent dimensional stability
• Excellent flexibility at lowest temperatures
• Easy molding in several colors

• Insoles
• Slippers
• Sandals
• Casual shoes
• Sport shoes
• Spring soles
• Light-winter soles
• Winter soles
• High heel summer soles
• Mono-density safety soles
• Double-density safety shoes
• Mono-density boots