These are polyurethane systems which are used to provide thermal insulation and durability in the shutter systems of houses, offices and garages.


Polyurethane systems offer the advantages of high hardness and strength, easy workability and low amount of use in wood imitation and jamb products in the decoration sector.


These are polyurethane systems used in insulation of pipes used in regional heating and cooling as well as transfer of underground and overground vapors, geothermal energy, liquefied gases
( LNG, LPG, etc.), fire hydrant waters, crude petroleum and other chemicals.


Polyurethane binders are one-component, moisture-curing materials used for bonding rubber granules. These solvent-free products have excellent bonding strength and are resistant to weather and moisture. It does not lose its strength at low and high temperatures. It is resistant to chemicals and water. It can be applied by molding and pour-in technique.

• Rubber mats and tiles
• Rubber floor pouring systems
• Wood, metal, concrete and PVC bonding
• Running tracks
• Walking paths
• Sports facilities and parks
• Children’s playgrounds