CREADHESIVE FA foam binders are one component synthetic elastomer and solvent based sprayable adhesives. These adhesives are used especially for bonding flexible foam and sponge, for upholstery and bed sponge to wood, metal and chipboard surfaces during production.

It has excellent and fast adhesion properties with different substrates.

Adhesive should spray with spray gun (1.8-1,7mm nozzle diameter and air pressure should be 3-6) or air compressor pump. CRADHESIVE FA 42 is high tack adhesive and can apply to single side of the foam, wood, metals, fibers etc. as per the requirement.

After a short drying period constant pressure need to apply on both the side of foam. The temperature of the application chambers and adhesives should not be below 18° C (to ease the evaporation of solvent), the drying time may vary depending on the amount of adhesive applied and the absorbency of the applied material. The proper bond strength should be achieved after 24 hours after application.

Looking at the exponential opportunities for shoe adhesive sector in market Mardas polyurethane offer polyurethane as well as polychloroprene based adhesives for shoe industry. We have range of products suitable to all kind of footwear’s applications like dress shoe, sport shoe, sandal, leather shoe etc. The products are well tested to meet its actual requirement for shoe construction or assembling process.


Mardas polyurethane’s shoe adhesive is a one component, ready-to-use, polychloroprene /synthetic resin-based adhesive in solvent. This adhesive gives high tack and bond strength as well as heat resistant properties and it is user friendly. It is developed to use in footwear upper part construction process. Apart from footwear this grade can be used in leather, artificial leather, belt, bag and furniture as well as EVA sole and manufacturing EVA slippers. The product has good heat resistivity & bond strength. It is designed to get fast bonding in the room temperature.

It is a solvent based, high strength, polyurethane resin adhesive for bonding all types of shoe soles to any kind of uppers. This adhesive is phthalate free .It is used in the production of footwear for bonding leather, artificial leather and textured fabrics to PVC, PU, natural rubber, synthetic rubber, thermo rubber, leather, EVA and TPU sole with suitable primer. This adhesive can be applied” with dispenser brush or spatula. For fast bonding recommended to dry it at 50-60 C.

In Iran most of flexible lamination adhesive being imported and we are heavily depend on import in this market. To reduce this dependency on imported products, Mardas polyurethane is offering new range of polyurethane-based moisture curing adhesives for flexible packaging and laminations. Here we offer the wide range of two component as well as one component polyurethane adhesives both solvent based and solvent-free. Moisture curing one component polyurethane adhesive is especially for paper to film and paper to foil applications where curing happens with moisture from paper and don’t need hardener or polyol part. Two component laminating adhesives content This adhesive as NCO component and our polyol as OH (polyol) part. The two component lamination adhesives available in solvent and without solvent, generally Ethyl acetate is being used as solvent. According to application and packaging films there are three categories of adhesives standard, medium and high performance. These adhesives are very suitable for PET, PE, BOPP, metalized films as well as metal (aluminum) foils. The overall Mardas polyurethane lamination adhesives. grades are totally safe for indirect food contact application and we would be happy to share the required migration data for primary aromatic amines and cyclic esters. All these adhesives are designed for better bond, seal strength, printing ink compatibility and good machine speed.

These are solvent-free, single-component polyurethane adhesives that cure with moisture. Their suitable areas of use are furniture, boats, wooden doors and windows, acoustic panels, stairs, fitted kitchen production and repair, as well as concrete, bricks, metals, laminated items, aluminum and plastics. They become waterproof after 24 hours following their application.